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Can you spot the fake?

With so many designer items advertised on the internet for resale, could you spot if what you are buying is the real thing or simply a knock-off? A few years ago you could walk around markets in Spain offering “Versace” shoes and bags for just a few euros. After just a couple of uses the stitching begins to break or the ‘leather’ cracks – they don’t stand the test of time. They were fakes.

Maybe finding out that your handbag is a copy will be a huge disappointment and you’ll feel ‘had’ – a much more serious problem is all the false information that offer a solution to every ill of society.

Lots of false teaching abounds: From people who promise to diagnose your ailments by looking at your photo, then prescribing the remedies to sort them, to those who offer sessions at huge cost, to help you find happiness in your life.

In a world of fake news and false promises where do we go for truth?

Test it out! Just because something makes you feel good for a short time doesn’t mean its effects will last – try talking to anyone who takes drugs, whether alcohol , caffeine or something stronger. The results are transient becoming even less effective the longer you use them. Not so with God.

In Christianity we find God’s truth in Jesus, who tells us “I am the way and the truth and the life” (John14:6). For over 40 years I have found this to be true. The joy I have found in knowing God in this way has not diminished over time nor has he let me down. Even when there seems to be chaos all around me, I find God there in the midst of it supporting me and helping me through.

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