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Selside, LA8 9LA

You're always welcome! 

You are welcome to come and visit Selside St. Thomas at any time for private prayer, meditation, contemplation etc, or simply come and wander around to see what the building is like. We have a stunning east window! There’s a 

welcome here for all.  


We* worship almost every Sunday. This is the focus of our fellowship in Selside. We’d love for you to join us. No matter what your background or circumstances our worship is open to all.  So that you know what to expect, we aim to have a variety of worship in which we praise God for his love, manifest in many different ways to each of us. We include prayers, asking God to help us navigate our way in the world through intercessions, to ask for forgiveness for things we don’t get quite right and we pray for each other. We sing – but we’re without a regular organist and so we need to be creative in our use of music and hymns. Our services include morning and evening 

services ‘Of the Word’, Holy Communion, Evening Prayer (Common Prayer) and Celtic style worship. We usually have refreshments following the morning service. 

We have occasional festive or seasonal worship. We make the most of our 

opportunities for making some services a bit more special such as our Christmas, Easter or Harvest Services. We’re delighted that our church school uses our building for these services too. 

  • We like to see as many as possible at these events. If you’re a local, visitor to the area on holiday, you’re welcome to these occasions and all our worship. We lead busy lives, if you’re only able to worship occasionally please come and join us when you can. 

  • Weddings, Baptisms, Christenings, Funerals, Services of Thanksgiving – Please contact Rev Tricia Rogers our Priest-in-charge. (via

Regular worship is on Sundays, see our magazine, Instagram, or Selside community website   for details. 

We are part of the ‘Beacon Team Mission Community’. We sometimes share in worship with our neighbouring parishes these services are usually publicised on our website and associated links. 

We’d like to see our building well used. Although we don’t have running water we would welcome it to be used for all the above and more. Please contact us via the Beacon team website, Rev Michelle Woodcock or the Parish Administrator ( for more information. 

* ‘We’ are a small congregation; we do our utmost to live up to all the above. 

Although we’re not always able to attend weekly worship, we strive to demonstrate our commitment to St Thomas Selside through our support in various ways.  

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