St Oswald's Church, 4 Howgill Houses, Burneside, Kendal, LA9 6QU

This lovely and well cared for church stands right in the middle of the large village of Burneside, about two miles north of Kendal. There has been a place of worship of this site since the 1600's but the present building was built in 1881. Significant changes have been made internally to create a vestry, kitchen, public toilet, and meeting room. St Oswald's hosts an outreach Post Office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings - access is through a door on the North side of the church.

The use of St Oswald's as a community building now helps us to bring more people into its environs. Its churchyard is still open for burials, is well tended and provides a walk through from one side of the village to the other. The Post Office is open three morning a week; the public toilet in daylight hours. Groups ranging from our Mothers' Union, Parish Council and Burneside Parish Residents Association meet regularly.

Services at St Oswald' are welcoming and inclusive. During our morning service a creche is provided for young children, and activities for older ones; they are invited to receive a blessing during communion. On the 5th Sunday of each month, all the churches in the team join together; these services are proving very popular.

Several members of the congregation are involved in taking a service of Holy Communion in the chapel at Westmorland General Hospital. Baptisms are held by arrangement either within the morning service, or privately on a Sunday afternoon. The clergy and memeber of the PCC are school governors and take an active role in the life of St Oswald's School, which is near to the church. We also hold fundraising activities in The Bryce and the Cricket Club.