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Are your prayers unanswered?

What have you prayed for this week? Your car to pass its MOT, a good job interview, successful surgery for a friend, safe travel? I have prayed for all those things over the years and much, much more. Sometimes like most people I have felt like those prayers haven’t been answered.

We know that God always answers our prayers. But the answer isn’t always a “yes.” Sometimes it is “no” and sometimes it’s “not now”- we are simply asked to wait.

Maybe we think it would be wonderful if when we asked for something from God he would always say ‘yes’. But would that actually be a good thing?

Is what we want always the best thing for us, or indeed for another person?

The problem is that we can’t see the entire situation, often we can only see what is right in front of us. So we need to rely on an all knowing God if we truly desire what is best for us or for the person we are praying for.

Sometimes God doesn’t give us what we think we want, not because we don’t deserve it, but because we deserve something better. God’s no is sometimes a re-direction’

We are told in the Bible that He knows what I need before I even ask Him anyway.

You may feel lost and alone but God knows exactly where you are and has great plans for your life. ‘He is able through His mighty power to accomplish infinitely more than I can ask or imagine’ (Ephesians 3:20).

All things really do work together for good to those who love God—including what appears to be the unanswered prayers!

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