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Broken New Year's Resolutions

I started to wonder why we can’t manage to keep the Resolutions that we set ourselves – it is not as though these ‘goals’ are imposed upon us. Maybe the root cause of failure was in the goal itself and not in the execution.

So. before we set out to lose weight or learn a new language we should perhaps renew and restore fundamental obligations first, relationships, forgiveness, family, work life balance….

Even if you feel you have fallen at the first fence - don’t give up. Remember the Birth and Resurrection of Christ mean we can have a new start with Jesus each day, we don’t have to live in continual failure.

As you start again, you could consider making your resolutions SMART ones.

Specific: I know Church folk who say ‘I will read the whole Bible this year’. That’s too vague; much better to say I will listen to x amount of an audio Bible on my commute into work. It is the same with any other goal you set yourself.

Measurable: Make sure the goal is something you really want or need to do then set yourself targets that can be reached

Achievable: This is where you give yourself a serious reality check. Goals should be realistic – not pedestals from which you set yourself up to fall

Realistic goals and New Year resolutions are often not the same things. Be honest!

Timed: It helps if you can cross off achievements or if you don’t quite make it, you know where you still have to get to.

“If you’re building a habit, you’re planning for the next decade, not the next couple of months.”

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