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Are You a Spare?

No one, even those of us who will not be reading Prince Harry’s book can have failed to have noticed that he sees himself as a spare, and is deeply grieved by this. Indeed it has been said through history that every monarch’s duty of the time was to produce and heir and a spare. The first son of a monarch being the inheritor of the kingdom because of the family relationship whereas the second son, because of his place and relationship simply had to be the support to the elder. Or maybe it’s a bit like a spare tyre in the boot. Tucked away, just waiting to be useful in case anything should happen to those that have more prominence.

But in God’s kingdom there are not such distinctions. Wherever you sit in the hierarchy of a family no one is a ‘spare’. In God’s Kingdom all of us are unique and precious because of our relationship with the God who loves and created us. No one’s life is less useful or more important than another’s.

All who have faith in Jesus are inheritors equally in the Kingdom of God. Each is loved equally by God and have something far greater than jewels and a throne in an earthly palace. All these earthly things will fade and pass away but for those who are in God’s Kingdom, we have a priceless inheritance-- kept in heaven where it can’t fade, spoil or perish (1 Peter1:4)

Wherever you are in the hierarchy of your family or in your place of work, or community, just remember that there are no spares in God’s kingdom just heirs of a fortune of far more worth than anything the world can offer

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