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Room Hire at St. George's

You may not know that we offer room hire at St George's Church where a number of organisations, such as Dance Atikk use the facilities at St George’s regularly. We have refurbished our main meeting room, now known as the Radley Room, and it is a delightful light, warm, quiet space, with a kitchen attached, suitable for all kinds of events.


We look forward to being of service to you.


We have a number of rooms for hire at St George’s outside service times. Please note that as we are a church our premises are used for weddings and funerals and at such times activities will not be allowed to proceed and in general bookings will not be accepted for these times. Alternative arrangements may be allowed after discussions with the PCC.

  • Please note that  use of our kitchen facilities, for preparation of refreshments (tea and coffee) are available free of charge

Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions before booking.

Please call us on 01539 720018 or email our Administrator  who will forward your enquiry to our bookings secretary to check about availability if you are interested in booking a room.

Download the booking form here

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