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Zero Waste

This week is ‘Zero Waste Week’. The idea being not to create ANY food waste at all this week! Think of imaginative ways to use broccoli stalks (soups) stale bread (breadcrumbs, puddings). There are lots of suggestions online. Will you be able to manage to do it? If you simply have too much fruit or veg to eat yourself why not put it in the Burneside Community Fridge for others to make use of.

This goes hand in hand with thinking about where our food comes from. Do you read the small print when you buy food items; maybe the list of ingredients, but how about the country of origin? We should be increasingly aware of where our food comes from as well as simply the price

WWF is calling for imported food products that destroy natural habitats to be made illegal and our own government is considering legislation to ban companies from importing products grown on illegally deforested land.

Jesus himself shows us another way to live. It is interesting to see that after he fed the 5000 he tells his disciples “Gather up the broken pieces that are left over, so that nothing is wasted.” John 6:12

Picking up the leftovers is a vital part of the story, a part that we often skip over in the retelling of it. In picking up the leftovers there is a key discipleship lesson here: waste matters!

Part of our practice of Christian stewardship should be showing more respect to the world around us, by not wasting food and considering the harm done by some imported foods. Let’s try to make Zero Waste last beyond this week.

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