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Word of the Year

2021 Word of the Year was Vaccine – No wonder really, with scientists and pharmacology companies worldwide, working together in an unprecedented way, sharing knowledge and information to produce a Covid vaccine surprisingly quickly.

But should I as a Christian be so surprised, after all we read in many places in Scripture about the order, complexity and harmony of God’s creation working together for good.

The 16th theologian Calvin said “Wherever you cast your eyes, there is no spot in the universe where you cannot discern at least some sparks of God’s glory.”

Much of modern medicine and healthcare has come from a belief that God wants his creation to work together in harmony, loving our neighbours. So our God given brains and talents should be put to use to help others. Indeed the first vaccination was developed by a Christian: Dr Edward Jenner, who was spurred on in his work by this belief.

Even Albert Einstein, who never claimed to have faith, said “there is a deep harmony and ‘marvellous order’ in the universe, without which scientific investigation and progress would not be possible.”

I rejoice that God has created us so marvellously with an immune system that protects us against disease and infection, naturally working to produce anitibodies to attack disease that enters our cells, but not only that - remains with us for the next time that disease appears.

God has given wisdom and skills to our scientists today, enabling them to develop vaccines that trigger this natural process without us suffering the disease. Just as he used the talent and hard work of people in the past to accomplish his aims.

Let’s give God thanks for the development of this vaccine to shield and protect people.

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