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In our Church Year we have just entered the season of Advent. A time of waiting and preparing for Christmas and for the coming again of Jesus. You may well have an Advent calendar in your house opening one window each day as you count down the days.

There are lots of times in our life when we have to wait: to get the result of an exam you have taken, to get a diagnosis of your illness and then another wait to get the right treatment, or perhaps you have been in the position of waiting to be able to go on holiday for nearly two years!

Waiting can feel like an unnecessary irritant and a waste of time, especially in a society that expects to be able to have everything immediately.

Yet we see that waiting and preparing was often the norm for God’s people. Noah waiting for the flood waters to recede before they can all leave the ark; Adam waiting for God to give him a companion; Joseph in prison, using his time wisely whilst waiting to see God’s promise to him of being a leader fulfilled.

Maybe what we need, is not to be irritated at having to wait but to be willing to put this waiting time to good use. To ask, what can God teach us in the waiting periods of our lives that we can’t learn at other times?

Advent is a good time to put this into practice. To wait and to prepare. Why don’t you join me in lighting a candle each week of Advent to remind yourself of the need to prepare for the Light coming into the world as we wait for his coming again.

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