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Thought Road maps

We’re hearing a lot again about the “road map” that will take us towards ending the present restrictions and returning to normal life.

It started me thinking about maps. How many people still use them? Today’s generation all use satnavs and never bother to look at a map. Of course walkers still use them, and I do too.

The differences between using a satnav and a road map are enormous. With an actual map you can see your destination, can plot the best route to get there but you also have in front of you a whole host of alternatives in case you come across diversions.

With a satnav you don’t have that kind choice, once you’ve put in your destination you have to follow it even if you end up in a field.

Scripture has been compared to a road map with the intention of leading a person to a destination. - heaven - or putting us on the right course of life. Scripture is much more important than mapping out for us a good religious way of life. Ultimately, the Word of God intends to lead us to God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

With Jesus Himself saying:

“I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father, except by me.” (John 14.6)

It doesn’t mean that we will have a straight, neat, plotted route in our Christian life. There may be twists and turns, we may even go in the wrong direction! What this gives us is the confidence to go on, along whatever path he has placed us, knowing we can start again on another route if necessary. He’s not a satnav with a straight line to our destination, but the Good Shepherd, who loves us, a guide and protector we can trust.

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