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Thought for the week : Thy Kingdom Come

The Lord’s Prayer is probably the one prayer almost everybody knows.

At school it was the prayer that was said in assemblies. It is the prayer that is said at Weddings and Funerals and in almost every Church service on a Sunday.

As well-known as it is, I wonder if you have ever really thought about the words that you are saying?

Do we really understand what we are praying when we say ‘Thy Kingdom Come’? What are we asking God? I guess when we pray ‘those words what we really mean is ‘God please fix that problem over there.

We are part way into a 10 day period in our Churches called Thy Kingdom Come’ when we are thinking about God’s kingdom and praying for that to happen.

To pray Thy Kingdom come means to invite God’s will in the world and to be open to what God wants for our lives.

We are asking God to shine His light into the world so that others may respond to Him with awe and reverence.

It is a powerful thing to pray, because we are asking God to take control of our lives here on earth, that we will submit to his authority in every aspect of our lives, and in all that we do.

We are asking for his reign (his Kingship) to be established throughout the whole earth and over every human being.

Maybe we will think slightly differently about those words next time we pray them – are we ready for the coming of God’s Kingdom and the changes that will bring?

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