Thought for the Week: Growth

I’m having problems getting my runner beans to grow. Several weeks ago I planted a couple of dozen, had them inside and they were growing quite well. I needed space so I moved them to the greenhouse. We had several nights of frosts and the green shoots collapsed. So I started the whole process again, planting new seeds and this time kept them in my utility. But only four are growing!

Where there is no growth there’s something wrong. Something is missing or maybe there’s some disease. It started me thinking about what is needed for germination and growth. Warmth, water, nutrition and then light and air.

Just as healthy plants grow, so do Christians, and we need much the same things. And as with my runner beans, get it wrong and it all collapses.

We need food to grow. We can’t live for long without eating proper food. For the Christian we need to have nourishment from God’s Word, the Bible each day. Neglect reading and getting to know what it says and you become sick.

We need warmth, just as my plants did. It’s cold on our own; we need the support and warmth of other Christians around us. That’s why coming together in fellowship groups and going to church is so important for our growth and spiritual well-being.

We need water to drink. Just as plants shrivel up without it so do we. That’s why we need the Holy Spirit in our lives to stop us getting thirsty, otherwise we dry up and are ineffective in the Christian life.

Plants and animals need air, so too our spiritual lives need the air of God through prayer, not just now and then but as a regular habit. Stop breathing and you soon run into problems!

Light too is necessary otherwise plants can’t photosynthesise. Jesus Himself is our light, he guides us and shows us the way so that we don’t walk in darkness.

And my runner beans? They had enough compost, warmth, light and air but were neglected by me in not watering them enough!

Let’s make sure our Christian lives are not neglected and have all that they need.

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