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Last Friday I was in London and you would have thought that the world revolved around football – everywhere were Scottish or English fans in their nation’s colours, singing and drinking. And this was a good 8 hours before the actual match!

As I watched the supporters, I realised it wasn’t just the football that had brought them together, it was a whole host of other things too; nationalism, companionship, community, shared interest, as well as being a great social leveller because it unites princes and paupers in their passion, brings together people of all ages and genders.

As I sat with a coffee watching what was going on, I realised that many of those things that brought the fans together we also share in the Church.

Church offers fellowship and companionship, - in non-Covid time, plenty of coffee, tea and cakes to be shared after a service. People to share your stories with, as well as your concerns with, who will follow up things with you afterwards. Shared interest in abundance; people united in a love and passion for the Good News of Jesus. All can participate and be full members, whether rich or poor, whatever age or culture.

It has been said that football is almost a ‘religion’ for some of its fans. The problem with that, is it will be a ‘religion’ that lets you down. A ‘religion’ that constantly changes as managers are fired, as players are sacked.

The Church is not simply about religion, it is a group of people group of people with faith.

And the good thing about being part of the Church is that the leadership never changes, God is consistent, he can always be trusted.

Hebrews 13:8 “ Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

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