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Perfect Day

What is your idea of a perfect day? Whatever it is think about how are you going to spend today the only perfect day in the year?

If you are a mathematician or simply someone that enjoys numbers you probably knew that June 28th, or to put it another way the 28th day of the 6th month is the only month and day combination that involves two mathematically perfect numbers,

What have you got planned? The weekly shopping? Baking some cakes? Taking the dog for a walk? A much needed hair cut? Some weeding in the garden?

Today is the perfect day for doing all this with Jesus, getting to know Him or getting to know Him better as you do them together.

He invites us to do all these things but with Him, because all these things in his company will be even better. You will discover joy, peace, goodness and love like never before. Anxiety and fear will lessen. You will see beauty in places you haven’t noticed before. You’ll have someone to share all those moments of the day with, the good ones and the not so good ones.

It is simply the best way to live today and every other ‘imperfect’ day too.

Why not use this perfect day for getting to know the only perfect person there has ever been?

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