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Look for the best in people

This is counter-cultural because we’re surrounded by blogs, comments on facebook, all willing to judge and believe the worst of someone – often without having the facts. Indeed there is a whole industry that has been built up on the internet in finding out and publishing negative things about people. If you look hard enough there will be someone who has written negatively even of Mother Theresa!

It would appear that many people just can’t help thinking negatively about other people - scientists call it the brain’s “negativity bias,” where we’re more likely to notice the bad qualities in others rather than the good ones. The problem is in doing this we risk damaging ourselves, increasing anxiety and depression, resulting in a general dissatisfaction of life.

Whereas seeing the good in others is powerful way to feel a sense of well-being, to be happier, more confident, and become more loving.

Every time you have a judgmental thought, replace it by thinking of something positive about that person. Pray to be aware of others’ positive qualities. Try to see the good intentions in the people around you.

Everyone we know or read about will have some virtues. Even the most notorious criminal is not all bad - maybe he took care of his mother, or rescued a puppy from drowning. Dig deep enough and you will find something good about everyone,

St Paul did this well. When writing to rebuke a Church because of bad behaviour he saw the good that was there too, and started off his letter by thanking God for them.

People who teach themselves to search out the good in others will be more positive and experience happiness more deeply. Try it out.

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