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Easter Eggs Already?

Easter Eggs are already being sold in the shops, does this mean that Christmas is over?

Well actually it is not over for another week, and in many parts of the world Christmas is not celebrated until 6thJanuary, when we here in the West celebrate the feast of the Epiphany

Does it irritate you that Easter eggs are already stacked up ready to be sold next to discounted packs of Christmas cards?

Actually it is not that incongruous because Easter and Christmas are inextricably linked.

Yet one is celebrated in a huge way in our country, with festive lights on houses and in the streets, weeks before the actual event. With presents bought for family members, work colleagues and our children’s teachers. We wear festive jumpers and jewellery and have numerous Christmas dinners!

At Easter we may buy a chocolate egg for people in our family, but cards aren’t sent, decorations are not put up and there isn’t a gift exchanging jamboree.

People are happy to talk about the birth of a baby and join together singing carols and playing Christmas music, but the story of Easter is avoided in conversation.

The real reason that Christmas is important, is because the purpose of Christmas is fulfilled at Easter. Where God allowed his Son to take on all our guilt to die and then to rise again to demonstrate his power over death, so that we might have life and know God as Father.

The Jesus of Christmas was born to die. The Jesus of Easter died to live and give life. In other words, the truth of Christmas only makes sense in the reality of Easter.

So try not to get too annoyed by the Easter Eggs just remember God’s purpose in Christmas

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