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Don't Remain in Darkness

There seems to be a blanket of darkness covering our world. The awful situation in Ukraine with people facing missile attacks every day. Devastating floods in New Zealand, Zambia, Indonesia and many other places. Then as we look at our weather we still have dark days and long nights. Added to that a lot of people have spoken to me about how dark the future seems for them personally.

As a contrast to that, this week we celebrate Candlemas a festival that remembers the day when Joseph and Mary took Jesus to the Temple for the thanksgiving required after a successful birth. There two very old people, Simeon and Anna, recognise that this baby is Gods Saviour, the Light that was promised and now has come into the world for all people.

To this day, Jesus is spoken about as ‘the light of the world’. We light candles in churches and in our homes as a symbol to remind us of this fact.

Light is not just something nice and useful, it is a necessity for life. The earth would certainly change rapidly if there were no longer any sunlight; virtually nothing could grow.!

Even a small amount of light makes a huge change. A small candle in a pitch-black room makes an enormous difference, it dispels the darkness, we can see again, we no longer have to grope around.

When we recognise Jesus in our situations, however dark, it shines hope through them.

Just as the sun’s rays break into our lives at the dawn and ends the night, so the light of the world can break into our personal darkness.

I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness. (John 12:46)

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