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Do you care for those around you?

How much do you care about and value those around you?

Despite some of the really amazing philanthropic and self-giving actions that have been shown by many people during this pandemic, there are signs that people are becoming increasingly concerned simply about themselves often to the detriment of others.

Did people really need to go to the petrol station and fill up a nearly full tank of petrol, just in case they ran out? Did people really need to fill up 5 cans of diesel as well as their fuel tank. These actions meant that others, possibly those who had virtually no fuel left for the school run or no fuel to drive for an urgent hospital appointment were left feeling desperate and in despair.

Then, there are an increasing number of people who are refusing to wear a facemask in shops and public places because they are exercising their ‘right’ not to do so. Often to the detriment of those who have serious underlying medical conditions and need others to wear their masks to protect them. The result is that many are ending up isolated at home again

The Christian faith talks about loving others as yourself. That means caring for others as you would hope to be cared for.

It’s interesting that Jesus’ definition of love, is that true love means you would lay down your life for a friend.

We’re not being asked to give up our lives but simply to be prepared to experience a slight inconvenience so that others may not suffer or come to harm. Jesus’ teaching would imply that our own liberties have to be put to one side for the good of other people. Something we should take close note of in the weeks and months ahead!

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