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Christmas is Finished!

So what do you do now Christmas is over?

Actually the Christmas Season is not finished - we continue to celebrate Christmas for a few more weeks in the church. Indeed in some parts of the world the festivities do not begin until Jan 6th (the Epiphany).

As Christians we remember that the Birth of Jesus was not an isolated event, but was the beginning of God’s plan for us to have a relationship with him again. Jesus didn’t remain a baby but grew up to become an adult.

Just as we return to work, school or other activities after the holiday, we remember that Jesus too had schooling and employment and ultimately a huge mission to accomplish. All this should remind us that Jesus’ birth was not the end of things but that he lived a life in which He experienced the same emotions we do in family relationships, in work difficulties and in sadnesses. Because of this He knows and understands the frustrations, problems, tiredness and pain we face and can be there in them, with us and supporting us

As we return to our daily tasks, and responsibilities after our Christmas break, we shift our focus from the birth of Jesus to his life, his work, and his death, burial, and Resurrection. When we start to get bogged down with problems in work and family life, we need to look beyond those things and recognize that they are in the hands of the Father who is with us, loves us and takes care of us.

Remembering the final words of Matthew's Gospel “….Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”.

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