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Christmas is cancelled

Christmas cancelled again?

Those who say this have missed the whole point of Christmas. Presumably what they mean is that there can be no going out to the pub or for meals, that office parties are cancelled and that huge family get togethers may not be possible. If that was all Christmas is about I would agree with that sentiment.- But Christmas cannot be cancelled this year any more than it was last year.

When governments talk of a “normal” Christmas, the celebration of Christ’s birth is certainly not foremost in their mind.

The real Christmas message, is that God is with us whatever circumstances we face. Whatever trials and tribulations, joys and celebrations we may have, Jesus Christ, the one whom around the whole of history pivots, is with us: here yesterday, today and for ever.

Parties may not be possible, travelling abroad to see relatives looks impossible. But Christmas isn’t cancelled - because Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, came and dwelt amongst us and showed us how to live; and is still present in every sense that matters here today.

So really, Christmas, in this deeper sense, is not cancelled and it can never be cancelled. Jesus Christ, God’s eternal Son was born in Bethlehem, just as the angels said. He grew up and had a public ministry showing people what living in the Kingdom of God meant. He accomplished what he was born to do at the cross, to show God’s love to the whole world. And He will come again in power.

The good news is that nothing can overcome the love of God in Christ Jesus. Nothing can “cancel” the importance of Christ’s birth and nothing can prevent us from celebrating it!

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