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Better Together

At the beginning of any musical concert, as the orchestra sits down to prepare, there is a cacophony of noise as each musician and each instrument warms up and practises. Distorted, discordant noise that could in no way be described as music.

I have recently been to an amazing performance by the BBC Philharmonic orchestra and after the conductor’s arrival the musicians and instruments all came together, not all playing the same notes, but all their parts in harmony with one another. When different notes are joined together in such a way that one note enriches and complements another it makes something incredible that was not possible with one instrument alone.

In the letter to the Romans we are urged to “Live in harmony with one another” (12:16) Which means that we should live and act in a way that complements and enriches each other. By joining together, we are more than any of us could ever be on our own.

This applies to all our community groups and the church. Rather than competing or pulling against one another we should be acting harmoniously. This doesn’t mean that everyone thinks the same, looks the same or speaks and acts the same. It simply means that by bringing all our distinctive gifts and roles together we can achieve far more than we ever could do on our own.

Rather than seeing what another group does, albeit a foodbank, a social group or church, as a threat to what we are doing. Wouldn’t it be better to recognise how much we have in common and set about achieving great things together.

We are better together because this is God’s idea and He desires unity for us and with us.

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