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All Lives Matter!

In a conversation with my youngest sister she remarked that she felt there was now total complacency in the way people receive the daily numbers of hospitalisations and deaths from Covid. Reflecting, that at that beginning of all this, how horrified we were when there was announcement of 30 deaths here and 50 in Spain in one day. On Friday we announced another 120 here without much of a reaction by the media at all.

I have heard it said “well, it’s only the elderly that are likely to become really ill and die, or those who have other problems; if you’re younger you will be fine”.

It started me thinking about the sanctity of life and what value society places on life. Do only some lives matter and not others? Simply the young and not the old? I remembered a picture I had been sent, of a sign outside a cleaning supplies company in the USA.

For Christians, all human life is sacred and is a gift from God which is to be respected and protected.

It’s important to know that our worth is not based on what we do or whether we meet certain criteria or qualities. Instead, our value exists because human beings are created in the image of God. Life is precious.

From the healthy and strong to the weak and infirm and everywhere in between, life is precious. From those who haven’t learned to talk, to those who can no longer remember their names, all human life is precious. He sustains us, sacrificed His Son for us and has a use for everyone.

How encouraging for people to learn God’s purpose in our life is tied directly to His ability to use us and love us, no matter what our physical or mental condition or colour.

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