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“Storm Arwen has been one of the most challenging periods seen in more than a decade” went the headlines.

Those words made me think of the incident recorded in Mark chapter 4. Jesus and his disciples are out on the lake, when a huge storm and strong winds suddenly sprang up out of nowhere and threatened to swamp the boat. Jesus was asleep, and the disciples, scared and overwhelmed by the storm, call out to him “Don’t you care if we drown?” Jesus calms the storm then says to the disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

Jesus was causing them to look deep inside themselves, which tested their faith and trust in God

When life as we know it comes crashing down around us, there is still hope and security, but it is not to be found in ourselves or our circumstances. It is to be found in God.

Wind is powerful and the effects of it can be quite unexpected

As we look around after Storm Arwen our landscape has changed because of the wind. In some senses that is like the Holy Spirit. Just like the wind, we cannot see the Holy Spirit, but we see the changing effects He has in the lives of God’s people. What a difference the wind of the Holy Spirit brings about - a life-changing wind.

Wind can be both negative and positive, it can damage vegetation and structures but it can also bring about a new landscape where new plants can thrive and grow; seeds and pollen spread into new places. God’s Holy Spirit can be like that enabling us to be changed into new people. God’s wind need not be negative and scare us

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