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Having worked in charities which regularly had major fundraising events such as trekking along the Great China Wall, and bungee jumping, risk assessment was always a big part of the preparation.

Our Churches too have been busy revising our risk assessments as we start to open up new activities.

Actually, we all undertake some kind of risk assessment every day. We weigh up a situation and in our mind say to ourselves ‘is it worth it.?’ ‘Is it safe to cross the road here or should I move further from the junction?’

Risk is part of living. We make multiple decisions as we perform activities to minimise any risk to ourselves or others, and that is quite right, but we can never completely eliminate risk otherwise we would probably never make any decision or actually do anything!

Risk is involved in the Christian life too. Going forward in faith involves risk – it involves us in taking the risk of trusting God. It means stepping out of our comfort zone and being susceptible to failure.

All through Scripture we see people following God, prepared to take risks trusting that as He has called them He will support them. Just look at David stepping out with just a slingshot to take down the mighty Goliath.

Risk in the Christian faith is not calling us to be reckless, it asks us to use the knowledge that we have; weigh up all that we believe God is calling us to do and then to act in His strength.

How will we know what God is going to do in our lives unless we take the risk of following Him?

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